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Do-Little Fender Adjusters (DLFA)


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Boat Fender Adjuster


Sailboat DL-Fender

Boat Fender Adjuster

Boat Fender Adjuster

One Piece Fender Adjuster Holder
The holder secures the fender by utilizing the existing rod holders on the boat.

Simple & Hassle-Free
No knots to tie or lines to secure - Easily deploy and adjust the height of the fender with one hand.

Great Entrance/Exit Handle
The DL Fender adjuster can act as a handle for boarding and exiting boats.

High Strength
Nylon Reinforced Fiberglass with a 5 year warranty.


Boat Fender Adjuster

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About Us

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” This powerful, time-honored saying served as the inspiration that led to the inception of Do-Little Fender Adjusters (aka DL Fender). The story begins with the inventor of the device, Wally Till. Growing up on an island off the Connecticut coast, Wally has been around the water his entire life. His swim team was referred to as the Water Rats. He also learned to sail at an early age and built various sail and power boats out of whatever materials were at hand.

The family connection to the sea runs deep too. Wally’s Grandfather Louis Till was with the Cunard Line and his Father Victor Till started the Bimini Marlin Tuna Club back in the ‘50s. As a little kid, Wally recalls coming out of North Bimini Island at daybreak aboard his Father’s Rybovich, setting the lines and entering the Gulf Stream. These adventures were a love-hate affair. Wally loved it when a marlin or sailfish would hit, but he also remembers being around a crew that would kickstart each day at 5 a.m. with sandwiches and beers drowned in the aroma of diesel fumes.

By his senior year of college, Wally earned his captain’s license where he sold charters to many fraternities out for a little fun on the open water. He collected commissions and his captain’s fee for these jaunts.

Fast forward through his career in film, Wally never lost his love for the sea. This love was warmly passed down to his two daughters and his son Adam. Adam serves as CEO of DL Fender. Through a series of C&Cs, Swans, Ron Hollands, etc. the Till family never knew a vacation without a sail or power boat carrying them to beautiful places. Over a period of 5 years, many ocean passages were made between Tortola BVI, Bermuda and North America with Adam aboard Phillippa, their 45’ Catamaran. They made various trips from their home ports of Tortola and St. Martin to their summer mooring in Ziegler's Cove, CT.

During these passages, Wally and his family met unwelcome guests — weather and repairs. And, in the middle of the Atlantic, there’s never a diesel mechanic, rigger, technician or sea tow around when you need one. Because of this, solutions were created to solve problems as they arose. Sometimes these solutions were makeshift in nature, while others became devices that “gained traction.” Wally and Adam only regret not patenting some of these devices, which are now commonly used.

The idea behind the DL Fender Adjuster came out of the same type of pragmatic, grass roots entrepreneurial thinking: keeping it simple! After tiring of tying and readjusting fenders on the same cleats as the stern and spring lines, Wally created an adjustable device that utilized a fixture on many power boats: rod holders. They are found on a majority of power boats and installed on 100% of center cockpits.

Initially, he created a device for his own personal use only to have many boaters ask where they could purchase one. After some prodding from Wally’s wife and his son Adam, Wally agreed to patent and manufacture the DL Fender Adjuster as long as Adam would set up and run the company. It was an offer Adam couldn’t refuse. Adam formed the company in Dallas, TX, where the first person they were lucky enough to welcome aboard was their Head of Sales Ralph Perez.

Hence, the DL Fender Adjuster was born. It has one piece, no moving parts, strong build quality and is guaranteed for life. There’s one model for rod holders and another model for sailboat stanchions. They are being sold directly to our customers on this site, all over North America at local Marinas. Plans for international sales and an Amazon presence are in the works.

As any dedicated boater will tell you, the fun and adventure comes paired with a long list of tedious tasks and responsibilities. The DL Fender Adjuster helps lighten a skipper’s load.

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